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September 28th, 2012

Archiving My Old Mac Floppy Disks

Archiving, Mac 512K, by Michael.

Finally (and about time too), I got around to setting up my KryoFlux Disk USB Floppy Controller.

The USB controller has been sitting in its box for over a year now, and the spare 1/2 day arrived, and I hooked it up to my miniServer.


Previous attempts to use my QuickSilver2002 PowerMac didn’t work, as the KryoFlux program would not support Javascript under 10.5.8 on PPC Macs. Although the windows version supported XP, attempting to install it in XP under VirtualPC, seemed to work right up to the trying to initialise the USB controller to read a disk. BAH!

MS_Basic Sample program "Music"So, fast forward 12 months (or so) and I’ve now set it up, tested a few known (and expendable) 400K and diskettes, and then took the plunge with the backup copy of MicroSoft Basic for Macintosh.

Whirrr, chunk, chunk, chunck. . . . Looking good. . . . ARGhhhhhhhh! Bad Tracks at 63-70!!!!!

Took out the backup, and inserted the original diskette, fingers crossed.  Happy noises. . . Whirrr, chunk, chunk, chunck. . . . Bing!

Now I have “Microsoft_Basic_Mac_v1.0_Original_s0.img” Flick it across from the Mini to my QS2002, fire up Mini vMac, change disks to the new MS Basic image and BINGO!

Introducing the “Music” sample program from the MS Basic diskette, and the start of the listing if you’re interested.

Next step is to image the MS Word v1.0, MS MultiPlan 1.0, and Apple’s MacProject disks and transfer them to a virtualised HD20 image so I can build my 1984 Office Mac, and maybe scan all those original manuals.

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