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October 2nd, 2012

Programming my Apple //c

Apple2, Programming, by Michael.

I’ve been wanting to get back into programming on my Apple //c for quite a while now, but didn’t want to go back to AppleSoft.  Back in the 80s I was an avid reader of the Nibble Magazine, and remember a series of advertisements for an assembler macro extension programming language.

Couldn’t remember the name, so I dragged out my Nibble Collection – Not as onerous as it sounds as I’d recently bought the entire set on a twin DVD set, and started flipping through the pages and found the adverts I remembered. Hello Macrosoft by MindCraft!

Next stop Google, and I couldn’t believe the result.  Top of the page took me straight back to Nibble’s website  Plonked down my cash, and within the week a DVD arrived with the ProDOS and DOS disk images, and the manuals in PDF.

What am I going to program? Well I have absolutely no idea.  I figure I can go and drag out my notes from years gone by for inspiration.  Wargame . . . . Dungeon Adventure . . . . Utilities . . . .

Well, I suppose when inspiration whacks me across the back of the head, I’ll blog the answer.

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