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February 24th, 2014

It’s not an Apple][ !

Dick Smith, Random Thoughts, VZ200, by Michael.


Boldly stepping into the retro world that is not Apple][ related.  Just arrived is my ‘new’ Dick Smith VZ200.

I still need to find an old cassette player recorder to go fully retro, but in  the meantime I intend to digitise the tape, and play the audio file from my iPhone to the the input port of the VZ200.   Should be able to save files by recording to the iPhone.

I’ve downloaded a VZ200 emulator, so I can at least look at the basic programming in my spare moments.

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Responses to “It’s not an Apple][ !”

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  2. Hi, Found your post via my usual monthly googling. You can find a bunch of us old VZ’ers over on the list ‘vzem’. Just do a google, and you will find the mailing list. Some of us have been old hacks on the VZ for years since they were first released. Join up and ask away. We’ve got 99% of all released games and utilities transferred over to be used by any of the seven or eight emulators. Cheers.

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