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About Me :)

Hi, I’m Michael, and I’m glad you found the time to drop by.

I’ve been playing and using computers ever since I first encountered them at University back in 1981, when in my Foundation Year was doing “An Introduction to FORTRAN Programming”.  From when I filled out that first (small) deck of Mark-Sense cards with the ubiquitous “2B” pencil I was hooked.

But then it got interesting . . . .

I discovered the Apple Lab.  Interesting device the Apple ][+ with its integrated keyboard and angled box, monitor sitting on the shelf above.  So unlike the teletype terminals I was going to be using after the FORTRAN course.  I was hooked before, but now, it was love at first byte.

Talked to some members of the nascent Computer Club, and they assured me that they could not only arrange time on the Apples for interested students who weren’t going to be using them for any course work, and of course they’d arrange introductory lessons on the Apples, and how to program them.  Well, they arranged time for myself and others outside of booked course times, but failed to come through on the “How and What to do”, so I headed for the library where I knew the manuals were, and checked out a full set of what came with each machine.

Next stop the magazine racks, where I read (and re-read) any magazine with BASIC listings, preferably Applesoft, and taught myself to program, and so, I embarked on an exciting IT career, that had next to nothing to do with my Environmental Studies degree.

Funnily enough I’ve spent most of my IT career involved with high-speed production laser printing, mostly with IBM’s AFPDS (Advanced Function Presentation Data Stream), but that’s another story.

Thanks for dropping by.



Responses to “About Me :)”

  1. Howdy,
    Doing a 2 monthly google on anything about VZ’s and google found your blog page. And hence this email.
    If you are interested, join our little VZ mailing list…
    I am currently making 256×192 hi res graphics demos for the VZ emulator (not sure which one you downloaded – Im using Guy Thomasons “VZEM”). THere were two modifications you could do to the VZ so that it could support such high res (factory was mode(1) 128×64). I have also managed to make synthesised music and have 1 bit samples playing from the VZ via some fancy assembly programming. If interested, search for VZ300 on youtube. A number of demos on there now.
    And , please, by all means, join our little yahoogroups list ( search for ‘vzemu’ ) and ask away. Am more than happy to help


  2. Thanks for the links Dave. Joining the group, and hopefully will be doing more with my “new” VZ200 soon.

    Michael at Reply
  3. Just listened to RetroMacCast about oz K-fest. Enjoyed the show. (Catching up as I’ve been away). Did you ever get an 240v //gs?
    My first apple was an euro][+ back in the early 80’s.

    Chris Griggs at Reply
  4. Hi Michael,

    For many weeks now I have been trying to get photos from my “new” Apple QuickTake 100 camera. I found a comment from you in a forum saying that you had managed to do this.

    I currently have XP running in Parallels and have a serial to USB lead.

    Unfortunately I can’t find the software to make the camera show up in XP.

    Do you happen to have the right software or know where I can find it?

    Best Wishes

    PS Apologies for posting as a comment – I couldn’t find an email address.

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