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May 2nd, 2017

SUNBURST – Learning To Cope With Pressure

Apple2, Archiving, WOzFest, by Michael.

Saturday 29th April 2017 was WOzFest PR#6 where the theme was preservation, so I had the perfect candidate for the project in a recent acquisition of Sunburst’s “Learning To Cope With Pressure”, of course it comes with a 5.25″ floppy with protection, but they did generously include a second spare master diskette.

Included with the package is a Galvanic Skin Response unit that looks suspiciously like a mouse with a seat belt, a teachers User Guide, an evaluation form, and a registration form.

Fortunately the floppy was easily cracked and imaged by Passport.

While the package is not totally functional without the GSR, unit the diskette image and manual are included below for download and a bit of fun.


Diskette Image













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