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January 9th, 2014

WW2014 Update 1 – Back to the Drawing Board :(

Apple2, Programming, RetroChallange, by Michael.

Thought I’d get a jump on the rewriting of S-Basic in S-Basic by dumping the S-Basic Applesoft code to a text file, then reformatting it as S-Basic, then running it through S-Basic5.3 on my disk image.

Great idea, but . . . . .

The code is just too unstructured.  Too many unexpected terminations within a routine using a GOTO that drops you part way into another routine.  Arrrrrrrrgh!

I love structure, indenting, flow control, so looks like I’ve got to do it myself then.

So back to my original plan of writing from scratch using the Applesoft listing as a guide only.

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